Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bluestar's Prophecy Sneak Peek CONTINUED!

Thanks to the awesome people at Warriors Wish, the final part of the sneak peak has been located! You can view the first part here.

Here's the continuation:

Leopardkit scampered after her brother, swiping playfully at his tail. Her black coat shone in the sunshine. She stopped and stared in delight when she saw Bluekit and Snowkit. “You’ve opened your eyes!”
Bluekit licked her chest, trying to smooth down her fluffy fur and wishing her pelt was as sleek as theirs.
“We can show you around,” Leopardkit mewed excitedly.
Snowkit bounced around the older kit. “Yes, please!”
Bluekit flicked her tail crossly. She didn’t want to be shown her territory. She wanted to explore it for herself! But Leopardkit was already trotting toward the wide patch of ferns near the gorse barrier. “This is the apprentice den,” she called over her shoulder. “We’ll be sleeping there in a moon.”
Snowkit raced after her.
“Are you coming?” Patchkit nudged Bluekit.
Bluekit was gazing back at the nursery. “Won’t you miss your old nest?” She felt a sudden flicker of anxiety. She liked sleeping next to Moonflower.
“I can’t wait to move into my new den!” Patchkit yowled as he darted toward the apprentices’ den. “It’ll be great to be able to talk without Swiftbreeze telling us to be quiet and go to sleep.”
As Bluekit hurried after him, the ferns trembled and a tortoiseshell face poked out between the green fronds.
“Once you start your training,” yawned the sleepy-looking apprentice, ‘you’ll be glad to get some sleep.”
“Hello, Dapplepaw!” Patchkit skittered to a halt outside the den as the tortoiseshell she-cat stretched, half in, half out of the bush.
Bluekit stared at her pelt, thick and shiny, the muscles on her shoulders rippling as she sprang from the ferns and landed beside Patchkit. Suddenly her denmate didn’t seem so big after all.
“We’re showing Bluekit and Snowkit around the camp,” Leopardkit announced. “It’s their first time out.”
“Don’t forget to show them the dirtplace,” Dapplepaw joked. “Whitepaw was complaining about cleaning out the nursery only this morning. The place has been filled with kits for moons, and there are more on the way.”
Bluekit lifted her chin. “Snowkit and I can keep our nest clean now,” she declared.
Dapplepaw’s whiskers quivered. “I’ll tell Whitepaw when she gets back from hunting. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to hear it.”
Was she teasing? Bluekit narrowed her eyes.
“I can’t wait to go hunting!” Patchkit dropped into a crouch, his tail weaving like a snake.
Quick as the wind, Dapplepaw pinned it down with her paw. “Don’t forget to keep your tail still or the prey will hear you swishing up the leaves.”
Patchkit pulled his tail free and straightened it out, flattening it to the ground.
Snowkit stifled a purr. “It sticks out like a twig,” she whispered in Bluekit’s ear.
Bluekit was watching too intently to reply. She studied how Patchkit had pressed his chest to the ground, how he’d unsheathed his claws and tucked his hind paws right under his body. I’m going to be the best hunter ThunderClan has ever seen, she vowed.

Warriors Wish takes credit.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"You cannot live with a paw in each world."
(To Rusty, Into the Wild, by Erin Hunter)

I love that quote! It was really the turning point, when Rusty became Firepaw. Since then Firepaw has become a beloved character in the Warriors series.

Though...I can't help thinking...I liked Firestar better when he was Firepaw. I've noticed that Firestar's personality has changed throughout the books, warping and becoming softer. He is more trusting. No one opposes him.

I miss the days when Longtail was critical of the newly named Firestar.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upcoming book theories!

Everyone loves a good theory. Earlier this month I posted a theory about Tadpole. This theory brushed on the speculation that the Erins may kill Sasha's third kit, Tadpole to make the queen seek shelter for her kits in the Clans.

If you've read the latest Author Tracker email then you may have noticed the line where the Erins mention "When a tragic accident forces Sasha to make a heartbreaking decision about the future of her kits -- but will the Clans accept them if they know who the father was?" Does this mean the "tragic accident" is Tadpole's death?

If so, how does Tadpole die? Will the harsh leaf-bare finish him off? Will the lack of food starve him like when Birchfall's siblings starved from the lack of prey in the old forest? Maybe some carnivorous animal eats poor little Tadpole... Maybe the little kit goes missing?

Any way it happens, it seems like Tadpole will become the deciding factor with Sasha.

Theories, anyone?

New Author Tracker [Warriors related!]

Another new Author Tracker email has been sent out, this time it has some Warriors content!

Here it is:

Hi everyone,

I'm back! Yes, one more tour survived, a few thousand more books signed (truly, is there a copy of Sunrise that doesn't have my small purple handwriting inside? :) ), and several dozen delicious home-baked cookies consumed in hotel rooms across the country. Huge, huge thank yous to everyone who turned out for an event! Each event has its own wonderfully unique atmosphere and volume level: Books & Books in Miami was serene and full of interesting questions (and some very useful information about the difference between the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, which is something I've wondered about for quite a while); Barnes & Noble in Frisco, TX, was packed to the rafters but managed to produce the most orderly large-scale signing line I've ever seen; and the crowd at Naperville, IL, left my ears ringing all night with their cheers and hoots when I first appeared. You're all really rather fabulous, did you know?

If you would like to catch up with my latest adventures on tour, or came to an event and want to find out if you earned a Special Purr, check out my diary at I post daily blogs on all my tours, so you don't need to feel like you're missing out on the cat-and bear-themed mayhem if I don't come close enough to meet you in person.

Do you have your copy of Seekers #3: Smoke Mountain yet? It launched on May 12th, and should be available in bookstores near you NOW. I really can't believe we're halfway through the series already! Actually, I can, because we're working on Seekers #5: Fire in the Sky at the moment, but it still seems not so long ago that we first started talking about branching away from cats. In Smoke Mountain, Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak set out on the first part of their shared journey and find themselves on the very same route that a dying bear warned them not to take – through mountains echoing with legends of bear-eating giants and fire beneath the ground. Well, you didn't think I was going to make it easy for them, did you? :)

The next two Warriors titles come out early in June, so there's not long to wait for all of you who've already finished Sunrise (and by the third day of my tour, that seemed to be about 50% of the crowd!). The new Special Edition, Code of the Clans, reveals how each part of the warrior code came to be, with glimpses of life before the first series in all FIVE of the Clans. We love visiting Warriors prehistory and creating a back story for the modern Clans we know so very well, not least because it allows us to make the world of the cats even more complex and closely woven. If you read Code very closely, you'll even find out what made Tigerstar burn with deadly ambition (and there will be more about that in Bluestar’s Prophecy which launches later this summer).

June also sees the arrival of the final part of the Tigerstar and Sasha's manga trilogy. When a tragic accident forces Sasha to make a heartbreaking decision about the future of her kits – but will the Clans accept them if they know who their father was?

Summer is a'comin', which can mean only one thing: not pool parties or barbecues, but the return of Reading Warriors! You can find all the details at the official website, including how to sign up to log your progress from kit to medicine cat or even leader, and lots of ideas about helping your local community, from reading aloud to young children to tidying an elderly person’s backyard. The more books you read, the faster you'll progress through the ranks.

And there's more! The websites are bonus-tastic this month, with new downloadables and an Adventure Pack Sweepstakes on the Seekers mini website,, and a brand new, fully interactive online game: the Warrior Cats Hunting Game on Now is your chance to put into practice everything you’ve learned from reading about the Clan cats stalking through trees, flicking fish out of the river, chasing rabbits across the moor, and springing from the shadows onto a helpless piece of future fresh-kill. Choose your warrior, then hunt prey in the four different territories to feed your fellow warriors.

So much to do, so much to talk about, there is hardly time for a Fact of the Month. But it's a good one…. Did you know that the only two living creatures that can develop leprosy are humans and armadillos? I'm not sure why I find that fact so utterly fascinating, but I've been storing it up for ages, waiting for the Big Reveal so you can share my enthusiasm. Hmmm, maybe just me, then...?

Take care, enjoy the last days of the school year, and remember that reading outside in the fresh air almost counts as exercise. :)

With love and good wishes,
Erin x

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Author Chat Soon!

Kate (an Erin) has announced that there will be an author chat at wands and worlds soon! The members of Erin Hunter will be answering questions from readers! What questions do you want answered? Who's the Fourth Apprentice? Will Breezepaw have anything to do with the prophecy? What are the plans for Dovekit and Ivykit?

Hmm...I'll be sure to keep you updated with all the details!

On another note, the Erins reviled something very interesting...Ivykit is named after Vicky's niece, Ivy. So does that mean that Ivykit will be a main character since she's based one someone? After all, it wouldn't be very nice to kill off your niece's character. o.o

Who knows what the Erins have in store for us!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Warriors Cards Pics

Here it is, the picture of the Chinese Warriors card game. You can see fuzzy images of the other cards as well!

Click to enlarge the picture!

Chinese Trading Cards

For the die hard Warriors fan (that's all of us, right?) the Chinese have created a Warrior Cats Card Game. Yes, you read right, you can collect (foreign) Warrior Cats Trading Cards. Cool!

I'll post some pictures of the cards next. Pretty cool, right? If you buy a chinese Warrior Cat book, sometimes trading cards come with it.

The most of the cats look waaaaaaaaay different from the American/Canadian versions, though Brambleclaw looks pretty much the same. On the right you can see several cats from the Clans, Firestar, (ginger tom) Brambleclaw, (solid brown tabby with green eyes, next to Firestar on bottom) and Greystripe (fluffy grey cat besides Brambleclaw with yellow eyes, short ears and white chest.) are among the cats on the front of the trading card pack.

Pictures coming next!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern SkyClan Super Edition

Another upcoming release in the Warriors Saga is the Modern SkyClan Super Edition. As the name states, it will focus on SkyClan and what has happened since Firestar left SkyClan in Leafstar's care. Unfortunately it comes out sometime in 2010. Yes, an entire year away! Since the release is so far off, no details or cover art have been released yet.

I don't think I can wait that long! SkyClan has become one of my favorite Clans. I absolutely loved how they got started, and I think they have so much potential. I bet the Clan has grown considerably, but have they stuck to the Warrior Code? Have they modified the Warrior Code to meet their own needs? How have they been coping since Firestar left? These are just some of the questions that have me wishing I could get my paws on this book!

I'll keep you updated!

New AuthorTracker!

The latest AuthorTracker email has been sent out! Unfortunately it has nothing to do with Warriors. :( I thought I'd post it anyways though, for those Seekers fans.

Seekers #3: Smoke Mountain

"The Last Great Wilderness . . .

There is a place where bears can live in peace, where there is sea-ice all year, where the forests are full of prey, where flat-faces never go. Polar bears Kallik and Taqqiq, black bear Lusa, grizzly Toklo, and the shape-shifting cub Ujurak believe that this fabled bear paradise must be the destination of their quest. But the path they follow is dangerous.

The burning Smoke Mountains are more treacherous than anything the bears have faced before, and tensions run high as they encounter obstacle after obstacle. A rushing river and hostile flat-faces separate them from their goal, and a bear is pushed to the brink of death. Signs and omens point in different directions, and the bears, though traveling together, must each follow his or her own star . . . causing one bear to leave the group forever.

But as the others travel on, they soon learn that it will take all their strength and determination to reach their destination. And, if they reach it at last, they may learn that what they thought was their quest's end is in fact a new beginning. . . . "

If you where hoping for a Warriors post, worry not! I'll do a Warriors post as well. Unfortunately there has been little news in the Warriors world. :(


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sorrelpaw's Blog has 1,000 visits!

Sorrelpaw's Blog has reached it's 1,000th unique hit! (that means 1,000 different people have visited this blog!) Thanks for making this blog so popular! I hope I can continue to bring you the latest Warrior Cat updates, theories, quotes, pictures and more!


Jaypaw Quote

Perhaps one of my favorite Jaypaw quotes was from The Sight when Jaypaw met Yellowfang in his dreams.

"And who decides what I should and should not hear?"
Jaypaw, The Sight, page 272.

I guess I like this quote so much because it show's Jaypaw's temper and disregard for formalities. Jaypaw has earned his place among my favorite cats, with his prickly temper and Crowfeather-like personality.

What do you think of Jaypaw? Is he one of your favorites or are you driven to insanity by his personality?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warriors Movie?

Perhaps you have heard the rumors floating around about there being a Warrior Cats movie. Maybe you've also heard the rumor that Zac Efron was cast as Firestar...but are these rumors true? Or are they false? I'm here to answer some questions about the "Warriors movie."

Now I'll admit now, I don't know everything about the "Warriors movie." But I have heard bits and pieces which I'll share with you.

First off, the rumor about a Warriors movie is...TRUE! Barely though. The Erins are talking with major movie producers, but nothing is solid or confirmed yet. The talk may end with a movie, or it could end with the movie studio saying "Well, its a great book...but we really don't want to make it a movie now."

According to Wands and Worlds, Vicky is writing an EARLY stage of the script, but they are still a long ways off from casting, or even confirming the movie. The script is most likely for the studio to decide if they really want to create a movie about Warrior Cats.

If the studio does begin work on the movie, don't hold your breath! It could be two years before the movie hits big screens. :(

Secondly, the rumor that Zac Efron will be playing Firestar is...100% FALSE! The movie hasn't even been casted yet.

So there MAY be a Warriors movie, but don't expect Zac Efron to be in it!
Hope this answers some questions!

What are your thoughts?

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Omen of the Stars Theories

Warning, Spoilers for Sunrise!

I just had a theory idea! In an author chat, Vicky (one of the Erins,) said that there would soon be an evil female character. When Hollyleaf turned bad, fans assumed that this was the female evil cat that Vicky was talking about. But there have been theories surfacing that either Ivykit or Dovekit could turn evil or twisted.

The description of The Fourth Apprentice states, "Soon one sister will have an ominous dream-and will soon realize she has mythical skills unmatched by any other cat." [About Ivykit and Dovekit]

Hmm...sounds like one sister will be getting magical skills possessed by the 'Three.' Could the other sister become jealous and follow Hollyleaf's footsteps? (Pawsteps?) Could the same ungifted sister choose to follow Tigerstar? After all, its been ages since we've had a real 'villain.'

Perhaps the other sister dies, releasing the full potential of the gifted sister's abilities. Maybe the ungifted sister is meant to be another Feathertail.

It seems unlikely that Erin will just let that other ungifted sister fade into the background. I think that there will be as much focus on the gifted sister as well as the ungifted sister.

What are YOUR thoughts?


There have been some changes to the blog, layout wise. There is a new banner and the poll has a new color. What do you think?

More Warriors Posts are on the way!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Code of the Clans

Warriors Code of the Clans is a brand-new Warriors book coming out on June 9th, o9.

This new book will tell the previously untold stories of the past... Questions will be answered, stories will be told and secrets will be reviled!

On the cover, you can see the leaders of all four Clans, Blackstar, (white tom with black paws) Firestar, (Ginger tom), Tallstar, (black-and-white tom) and Leopardstar. (Spotted gold-and-white she-cat)

Unfortunately not many details about this book have be released...It looks like it will be telling stories of when the Clans lived in the forest, since Tallstar is present and Onestar is not.

If you look closely, you can see that Tallstar's eye color is wrong. In the books, Tallstar is described as a black and white tom with amber eyes. This cover depicts him with greenish fact all the leaders (except for Firestar) have the wrong color eyes. They are described in the books as having amber eyes. yet their eyes are green or blue. Hmmm....

Blackstar almost looks like Cloudtail. He's so cute and cuddly looking! ^.^


Tadpole Theory...

There have been a lot of speculations lately about Tadpole, the sibling of Hawkfrost and Mothwing, kit of Tigerstar. We all know that Tadpole never joined the Clans, nor was he ever mentioned in the Warriors books. In fact, the Sasha manga series was the first we'd ever heard of him. Imagine, another Tigerstar kit floating around all this time...

Perhaps the most logical theory is that Tadpole died, persuading Sasha to take her remaining kits, Hawk and Moth, to the Clans for shelter. This would make sense. Sasha is a some-what stubborn cat and the death of one of her kits would surely persuade her to bring the others to the safety of RiverClan. (RiverClan is farthest from ShadowClan. Maybe Sasha thought her kits would be safer there.)

Another popular theory is that Tadpole went to live with Sasha, and we haven't seen the last of him yet. Maybe Tigerstar haunts his dreams. Or maybe Tigerstar doesn't even know Tadpole exists. If so then a plot must be brewing. Maybe Tadpole will return to the Clans and seal up Tigerstar for good. Or maybe...Tadpole is the new enemy...

Erin Hunter has us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next book.
What are YOUR theories?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jayfeather Pictures!

I saw this picture the other day and thought it looked a lot like Jayfeather. What do you think?

I love this cat's eyes. They are a beautiful soft sky-blue, and the grey tabby pelt of this cat really complements the eyes.

Do you have any favorite pictures of the Warrior Cats?
Also, Warrior Cats news has been very slow lately. Not many new developments are happening...I think the Erins are up to something!

Rising Storm Chinese Edition!

Since we all agree that Chinese Warrior Cats are very cute, here is another Chinese Warriors book cover. This cover is of the book, Rising Storm.

In the distance you can see flames engulfing ThunderClan camp, while the ThunderClan cats watch helplessly from RiverClan territory. You can see Bluestar, (blue cat) Fireheart (plump ginger tabby) and Greystripe. (grey tom) And if you look reeeeeeeealy closely you can see Tigerstar. Can you spot him?

Quiz time! See the black cat near Bluestar? Who is he/she? And who is the tabby next to him/her?

This artwork is so picturesque. It makes be believe I'm there. Great job, Chinese artists. ^^

Is it me, or does Fireheart look like...he's had one too many pieces of Fresh-Kill? o.0

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upcoming twist for Bluestar's Prophecy?

While browsing a Wands and World's Erin Hunter Author Chat, I spotted some very interesting information for the upcoming book, Bluestar's Prophecy. The book will be released in a few months, on July 28th, 09.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Snowfur's mate was Thistleclaw, the prickly warrior that Bluestar was uneasy about? Vicky (one of the Erins) said this may just be possible!

Ivyflower(Q): In your Bluestar special edition book, would you consider making Thistleclaw the father of Snowfur's kit? It would create some angst, because I'm sure Bluefur wouldn't be very happy about it.
VickyHolmes(A): Wow, brilliant idea! I think this might just be possible. Thank you!

For those of you who don't remember, Snowfur was Bluestar's sister. Snowfur's only kit was Whitekit (later Whitestorm,) Thistleclaw was Tigerclaw's mentor. Thistleclaw was a power hungry cat that was ready to answer problems with war and unnecessary bloodshed. Bluestar gave away her kits in order to become deputy so Thistleclaw could not become leader.

How is that for a plot twist?
Read a special sneak-peek from Bluestar's prophecy here. Also, read more about Bluestar's Prophecy here and here

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Voters,

A note to Voters, thanks for voting in the poll! ThunderClan won with 30 votes. (56%) RiverClan came in second with 10 votes. (18%)

Thanks for your input! Sorrelpaw's blog will be focusing on ThunderClan topics, but RiverClan, ShadowClan and WindClan topics will also come up once and a while.

Once again, thanks for voting! Check out the new poll as well!

Return to the Clans (Manga)

Tigerstar and Sasha return in the third installment of the Tigerstar x Sasha series. Return to the Clans is the anticipated second to last manga focusing on Sasha.

This manga (and the ones before it) are from Sasha's point of view. You get to see what her life was like while Tigerstar was plotting to take over the forest.

With a slightly diferent art style from the loved Greystripe Manga, Return to the Clans promises to have much in store for readers.

The plot is as follows;
Sasha has decided to return to the forest to raise her three kits, Hawk, Moth and Tadpole. The dark Tigerstar hunts Sasha's dreams, making her nervous and wary. The mother hopes that she is a safe distance from ShadowClan, fearing her kits will be taken away from her if Tigerstar finds them. The cold leaf-bear seems never to end, and Sasha begins wondering if her kits would be better off in the Clans, where they would be fed and safe. Sasha finds herself sinking into despair as she wonders where she belongs.

It looks interesting, I would like to see what happens to Sasha, she just kind of vanishes in the new series. I'm not particularly fond of this art style, its different from the Warriors Refuge art. =/

Do you think this manga will be a yay or a nay?
This book hits stores on June 9th!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is she really gone for good?

WARNING: The following contains LARGE spoilers for Sunrise!!

Sunrise...the book that left us all shaking our heads in disbelief. The shear shockingness of the book made many readers crave the upcoming series Omen of the Stars--the continuation of Power of Three.

Perhaps the largest shocker was the 'death' of Hollyleaf...but is she really gone for good? Could she have found a way to survive? After all she has been in the tunnels before...maybe she found a safe haven. It just seems a bit strange to me that she would die so suddenly...she has a lot of potential as a villain or even just a misguided cat.

Maybe she really did die, but is watching from the Dark Forest/StarClan. Erin never confirmed that she went to either place. Erin Hunter surprised us once, and I think she'll do it again.

What ever happened, I still think she has a part to play in the upcoming series, Omen of the Stars.
Do YOU think Holly is gone for good?

Omen of the Stars... theory time!

We all love a good theory, right? Well Spottedstar gave me a great one yesterday!

Warning: Possible Spoilers for Omen of the Stars

Okay, so Spottedstar posted this;
"i just had an interesting theory. i think that well just say dovekit was part of the 3. once ivykit found out she would be jelous, kill her sister and become the 3rd cat herself. "
Maybe! It is rumored that the Omen of the Stars series will be darker then the Power of Three series. It will also be a direct continuation. Its just a point of view switch, but the main cats will stay the same. (with the addition of Ivy + Dove)

Maybe Ivykit is Hollyleaf reborn? Like Cinderpaw? I know it sounds farfetched, but maybe Hollyleaf was part of the prophecy all along...but just not in her first body...Crazy right? But hey, we've learned to expect the unexpected from Erin & co!

Dovekit does seem to be the main cat of the two. (I could be mistaken, but its Dovekit on the cover of the first Omen of the Stars book, The Fourth Apprentice.) Ivykit could become very jealous of living in her sister's shadow. Or perhaps one dies in an accident?

Maybe they both live...who knows? It seems a bit unlikely because only one of them COULD be the Fourth Apprentice. Unless they merge and stuff, but that would be kind of creepy.
Unfortunately no one has solid answers. (Except for those lucky enough to get their paws on the book before it comes out!) We'll have to wait a while longer for Erin to release more details. :(

Post your theories here!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ivykit & Dovekit pictures!

The upcoming series, Omen of the Stars will star Ivykit and Dovekit, two ThunderClan kits. For fun, I decided to post pictures of what I think they look like...
Warriors description:
Dovekit - Fluffy gray she-kit with green eyes.

Warriors description:
Tabby and white tabby she-kit.

Do you think these pictures are accurate?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Russian Warrior Cats

Here is a Russian drawing of a ThunderClan cat (probably Fireheart) bringing down a bird. Interesting right?

You can see ferns and grasses in the background but no trees. Perhaps this was in old ThunderClan territory.

Notice how all the different countries seem to have a 'look' for Fireheart? Chinese is tabby, American/Canadian is solid ginger and Russian is ginger-y with highlights. Its unique! Yay for art styles~!

Do you like the Chinese or Russian Warrior Cats better?


Hollyleaf's Secrets

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Sunrise!!

Silverstar posted another excellent theory yesterday--this time about Hollyleaf. It got me thinking why did Hollyleaf snap in the end? What possessed her to kill Ashfur and go insane? Hollyleaf's insanity seemed different from Bluestar's gradual decline. She seemed to be a perfectly good warrior, a little obsessed with the Warrior Code, but a good warrior never the less.

As an apprentice, Hollypaw was happy and showed no signs of her dark future. She had a slight dislike and suspicion of Ashfur, but nothing that may have possessed her to murder him. As she grew older though, Hollyleaf's dislike of Ashfur grew...

Eventually she became so dark that the black warrior even tried to kill her own mother, Leafpool, with death berries.

Silverstar thinks that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost may have been 'controlling' Hollyleaf from the Dark Forest. Remember how Tigerstar sent Lionblaze images of Heathertail's dead body? Perhaps Tigerstar sent Hollyleaf images of Squirrelflight, Jayfeather and Lionblaze's dead bodies. Perhaps Tigerstar told Hollyleaf that Firestar would exile them all. Perhaps that was the 'red haze' Hollyleaf spoke of.

Or maybe Hollyleaf's state of mind was darker then readers originally thought. Maybe she was a murder all along...
I don't think so though, she was too happy and innocent in her apprentice days.

So...why, Hollyleaf?
What are your theories?