Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poll Results and Poll Change!

Thanks for your votes, everyone! The results for the last poll are in!

Question: Who is the best Warriors "villain"?

Tigerstar - 247 votes (49%) - WINNER
Brokenstar - 36 votes (7%)
Darkstripe - 2 votes (0%)
Scourge - 114 votes (22%)
Mudclaw - 1 vote (0%)
Hawkfrost - 32 votes (6%)
Hollyleaf - 31 votes (6%)
Breezepelt - 26 votes (5%)
Other (post in comments) 7 votes (1%)
Total votes: 496

Tigerstar won, with Scourge only 100 votes behind.

Tigerstar truly is a force to be reckoned with. His cunning plots and ruthless leadership earned him the number one spot in the poll! Out of all the cats in the poll, I think Tigerstar is definitely the one I would HATE most to run into! Personally I find him more of a "villain" then Scourge. Scourge was wonderfully terrifying, but after reading about his past... I just couldn't think of him as black-hearted evil. After all, it was Tigerstar who transformed him from a innocent kitten into a cold blooded killer.

Poor Darkstripe only had two votes! Haha! But I don't think of him as a true villain either - just a cat who got pulled into something he couldn't handle. I actually like Darkstripe. Crazy, isn't it? Hear me out. Tigerstar was his role-model, someone he wished to be like, but no one knew Tigerstar's true intentions... and by the time the Clan found out, it was too late for poor Darkstripe. :(

I think of Breezepelt as a scary villain-to-be. He's not quite there yet, but he has the potential to be terrifying if he's listening to Tigerstar!

Those are my thoughts on our villain poll - what are yours??

New poll coming soon!!



To all my wonderful, wonderful readers,

Oh my StarClan. Has it really been THAT long since I last posted? I would like to say, I am sincerely sorry for my lack of new posts. D: Its been hard for me to get online, but honestly that's no excuse. I'm so so sorry to all my readers! Thank you for continuing to check out the blog in my absence!

I was actually considering shutting down the blog, because I hate to cause confusion with my absence. But I have decided AGAINST closing it. Sorrelpaw's Blog will remain open. :D I can't let you guys down after blogging for so long, right?

I will continue to do my best to bring you guys all the latest Warriors news, rumors, theories and other Warriors related awesomeness. :)

I am, however, am considering bringing on some writers for my blog. People who could post should I ever go absent again. (which, with life being as crazy as it is now... xD) Also those people could also type up some epic articles and theories for you guys to read as well. :)

I'm in no rush to bring on extra writers, and may even decide not to in the end. Its still just a thought, but if you interested, leave a comment!

Thanks again guys, for continuing to read. I felt so touched when I saw people where still commenting and chatting, even after my loooooooongggg absence!