Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A new feature has been added to Sorrelpaw's Blog; the Cbox. Now you can chat with other Warriors fans! Check it out on the right of the blog, right under the poll.

Do you like this new feature? Do you have any suggestions? Post them here!


Browse Inside Bluestar's Prophecy...

You can now have a bigger glimpse of the soon to be released Bluestar's Prophecy!

Here is a snippet:

Bluestar skidded to a halt at the top of the slope; the stench of dogs hit her throat. Below, the ferns shok as dark shapes swarmed through the gully. Fireheart's orange pelt flashed like flame through the greenery. He was keeping a good distance between himself and the pack, but the lead dog was breaking away and closing fast on the ThunderClan deputy.

No! Not that one! You cannot use him as prey!

Bluestar flung hrself down the slope. Gulping air, muscles burning, she weaved around the trees, her paws skidding on the leafy forest floor. She hurtled through a swath of ferns, running blind as the leaves whipped her face. The gorge was close by. She coul hear the river crashing between the sheer gray walls. Would Fireheart really be able to lure the dog pack over the edge? What if the pack's leader caught him first?

She erupted from the bracken and scrabbled to a stop in the clearing at the edge of the cliff. Leaves sprayed into the chasm as her paws slipped and slid.

Oh, StarClan, no!

Fireheart was dangling from the glistening jaws of a huge dog. The ThunderClan deputy struggled, spitting with fury.

The dog shook him, its eyes shining with triumph, but its clumsy paws were skittering dangerously close to the edge of the gorge. "I will not let you destroy my Clan!" Bluestar roared. She flung herself at Fireheart's tormenter, slamming headfirst into its flank...

Enjoy! Don't forget, Bluestar's Prophecy is released in the on July 28th!

Chinese Twilight

The Chinese version of Warriors: Twilight has been released! You can view it on the left of this post. (Click for larger version) It features Crowfeather in the center. Midnight is also visible on the lower corner of the book.

Hmm...Crowfeather looks a little skinnier then I envisioned him. What do you think of the Chinese Twilight?

If you squint closely you can see a dark tabby with amber eyes at the top of the book. Could it be Brambleclaw?

What do you think of this Chinese book?


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Much speculation is going on about Leafpool's fate after Sunrise. Will her secret tear her away from ThunderClan? Perhaps she'll seek refuge in WindClan? Will the ThunderClan be forgiving? Or maybe life will be too much for her and she'll make the ultimate sacrifice...
Only time will tell.

Vicky (a member of the Erin Hunter crew) has stated that Leafpool will be a main character during the Omen of the Stars series. So far, that's been one of our only hints of what may be to come.

My thoughts are that Leafpool will attempt to leave ThunderClan, but, like Greystripe, she will return after descovering that ThunderClan is the only place that really accepts her. After all...she is suppose to be a main character during Omen of the Stars. Wouldn't that mean she needed to be in a Clan?

What are your thoughts? Do you think Leafpool will remain part of ThunderClan?


Friday, July 3, 2009


First off, I'd like to apologize for my lack of blogging. Its been a busy green-leaf for ThunderClan, and my mentor trying to fit all the training he can into my day.

So, I've been having trouble reading all the comments left for me by thoughtful Warriors-fans. I'm most sorry, I enjoy reading each and every comment, but with my mentor giving me extra training, its been hard to find time to go through the comments.

I was thinking, if you would like to say something to me, please post it in reply to this post, so everything is in one little place. I promise, I will read anything you post. So get posting! Theories, thoughts, just random comments-- I'll read it all!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Author Chat

The latest Author Chat at Wands and Worlds with the Erins had some surprising information! Vicky gave up a large chunk of secrets that I'll share with you today. In this post you'll find exciting information about...
The fate of RiverClan
The Fourth Apprentice
Warrior names

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Sunrise!!

The Names:
Lets start with the revealed names. Vicky has said that Icepaw and Foxpaw will be known as...Icecloud and Foxleap when they become warriors!
Tigerpaw, Tawnypelt's kit, will be known as Tigerheart!

Fate of RiverClan:
Vicky has said that there will be changes in RiverClan. Leopardstar will loose her last life and go to StarClan. Mistyfoot will become the new leader. Also, Reedwhisker was said to be Mistyfoot's son. He will become deputy once Mistyfoot becomes leader. When can you expect this change? Omen of the Stars, book two, Fading Echoes.

RiverClan will also be having problems with a new enemy, beavers. The beavers seek to build dams which will affect RiverClan's fish supply. The beaver dams will also drain the lake! This is said to happen in Omen of the Stars, book one, The Fourth Apprentice.

Ivypaw and Dovepaw:
The fourth apprentice is now known. It will be...Dovepaw. Dovepaw is the fourth apprentice with mythical powers. Vicky has said that Ivypaw will not be pleased at all the attention that Dovepaw is receiving...

The Omen of the Stars series will be from Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Dovepaw AND Ivypaw's point of views.

Though no new information was stated about Hollyleaf, Vicky didn't directly say she was dead. Hmmm...possibilities....

Okay, this one is just plain odd and unexpected. Leopardstar sided with Tigerstar because she loved him.

There you have it! Spoilers from Vicky's Wands and Worlds chat.
I have a great theory about Ashfur...I'll be posting it soon.