Thursday, June 18, 2009


First off, I'd like to thank Silverstar for her lovely True Warrior Cats Fan award!

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Thanks, Silverstar! :)

Second, I'm going to start featuring Warriors Fan Fictions here on Sorrelpaw's Blog. For those of you who don't know, Fan Fictions are basically Warriors stories written by fans.

This week I'm featuring my own Fan Fiction, Crashed. Its a short fictional story I wrote about what I think could have happened when Brightpaw was attacked by dogs. It features the Brightpaw x Cloudtail pairing and a tiny bit of Swiftpaw x Brightpaw. Note, this story is rated T for minor use of gore.

Do you have a favorite Fan Fiction? Or do you have a Fan Fiction you wrote yourself? Post it here and it may be featured on Sorrelpaw's Blog!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Huge Family Tree?

Warning, Spoilers for Sunrise...

Pinestar...a lot of people are curious about this little-known leader who lead ThunderClan before Sunstar. Pinestar had three kits, Tigerkit (Tigerclaw) and two unknown ones. Recently, Ryan had an interesting theory concerning Pinestar:

"What if Pinestar was Firestars father. It would explain why he felt drawn to the forest but of course thats just a theory."

Wow...that would mean Firestar, Scourge and Tigerstar are half-brothers. That would be an interesting twist! But...there is a rather large hole in this theory. Cinderpelt's prophecy. Remember how she saw tiger in fire? It meant the kin of Firestar and Tigerstar would be strong enough to rule the forest. (this was then followed by the three kin of your kin prophecy.) That would kind of be a mess...don't you think?

Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw would be related. Ew? That wouldn't really matter much though since Crowfeather and Leafpool are the parents of Jay, Lion and Holly.

It would be cool if Firestar and Tigerstar were half-brothers but I doubt it. :( However, you never know with the Erins! Ryan, you may see this theory come true one day. Keep a close eye on the upcoming books, perhaps the Erins will let something slip!

Keep up those awesome theories!

Ivypaw or Dovepaw?

For a long while have we been wondering who the Fourth Apprentice might be. Evidence supports the two siblings, Ivypaw and Dovepaw more then it does Breezepelt. (I believe the Erins even denied that Breezepelt was the Fourth Apprentice.) Which of the two is the apprentice with amazing abilities unmatched by any other?

Mistypelt discovered the cat on Fading Echoes is meant to be Ivypaw. However, the cat on the Fourth Apprentice is meant to be Dovepaw. So equally matched? Perhaps... It could mean the first book centers on Dovepaw--who may be the Fourth Apprentice. Then again, it could also mean Dovepaw dies allowing Ivypaw to unlock great power.

My theory is this... Ivypaw is named after Vicky's niece, Ivy. Vicky wouldn't want to kill of her niece's own character, would she? Maybe Ivypaw is to be the Fourth Apprentice...

Or...perhaps Dovepaw is the Fourth Apprentice and Ivypaw is her loyal sister who supports her all the way. (thats a bit boring though, don't you think?)

Keep those theories coming! Perhaps we can guess what happens before the actual book comes out!
Take a look at the updated Fourth Apprentice cover I found. It now has text on it. "Adventure Game & Full-Color Map Inside!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Greetings, Warrior lovers! Have you read Code of the Clans yet? Yes? No? If you haven't don't worry--I haven't read the whole thing yet either! I have, however, read select stories from inside.

Mistypelt brought up an excellent thought about Pinestar, the apparent leader of ThunderClan before Bluestar.

Warning, Spoilers for Code of the Clans!

Mistypelt's thought:
NO! Something isn't right!!! While some one at wands and worlds was saying that he/she loved Code of the Clans, he/she mentioned that he/she loved the story "Pinestar's Secret" - I love reading about the ThunderClan right before Firestar came into the picture. " But it was Sunstar then Bluestar then Firstar. There was no time for Pinestar!!! Any theories??????

Time error! How could Pinestar possibly have exhausted all his nine lives in time for Sunfall to become Sunstar and for Bluefur to become Bluestar? The answer is this: Pinestar... became a kittypet. Yes! Pinestar the leader of ThunderClan became a kittypet! It worked out like this:

Pinestar, Sunstar (dead), Bluestar (dead), Firestar.

Want to know something else? Pinestar is Tigerstar's father. Eek. No wonder Tigerstar despised kittypets, his own father had one of the best positions in the forest then... just left it all.

Did you know Tigerstar and Spottedleaf are related? They both came from Cloudstar's line. Interesting, isn't it?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tadpole's Death

With the release of Return to the Clans the Tadpole mystery has been solved. I got to flick briefly through the manga and when doing so, I discovered why Tadpole was only mentioned a few times...

Warning! Spoilers for Return to the Clans!!

Sasha tells her kits about her past two-leg owner, Ken. Hawk, Moth and Tadpole decide to try to find Ken to make their mother happy. What they don't know is that Ken had grown very old and gone to a nursing home, far, far away. (That is why Sasha became a loner--originally she was a kittypet.)

When Sasha goes out to hunt, the kits wander off and find BloodClan warriors. They run away and discover an abandoned two-leg nest. The kits then go inside the open basement window but accidentally seal themselves in. A pipe in the basement bursts and water begins to fill the basement.

Sasha, meanwhile, has returned to find her beloved kits missing. At once she begins a search for them. She encounters the same BloodClan warriors that her kits do. She manages to find the basement and rescue Hawk and Moth, but little Tadpole drowns.

The same night, Sasha dreams of Tigerstar. She asks him if Tadpole is with him. Tigerstar says no, but he tells Sasha that Tadpole is safe. This must mean Tadpole went to StarClan.

In the end, Sasha takes her kits to RiverClan then decides that Clan life is not for her. She leaves, though her kits stay.

And that is what happened to Tadpole. The poor little kit. :(
One last thing...Russetfur knows who Hawk and Moth's father is...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three New Warriors Titles!

Two new Warrior Cat books are to be released sometime in 2010. The books are titled: Allegiances of the Clans and Battles of the Clans. Not much is known about either other then the fact that they are akin to the books Cats of the Clans, Secrets of the Clans and the newly released Code of the Clans.

Allegiances of the Clans will focus on 'relationships' of the Clans. (does this mean alliances of the Clans or cats making up the Clans though?) I'm thinking it will be alliances and partnerships with other clans because Cats of the Clans covered the cats making up each Clan. Unless Erin Hunter wanted to brush over some more cats? What do you think?

Battles of the Clans will obviously focus on past battles. Perhaps old battles will be featured in this book, like fights over Sunningrocks from the old forest. Maybe some ThunderClan ShadowClan clashes?

Code of the Clans is about how each part of the Warrior Code came to be. Not to be confused with Secrets of the Clans.

So there you have it. Code of the Clans was released today (June 9th) and the other two titles will be out sometime in 2010.

As always, I'll keep you updated with all the latest details.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost 3,000 visits!

Sorrelpaw's Blog is nearing its 3,000th visit! I'm glad this blog has been so popular! What are your thoughts on Sorrelpaw's Blog? Do you like it? Does it need some things changed? Would you like to see different things on here? Would an forum be fun to have on here? Let me know! :)

Also check out the counter on the right side of the blog. I've changed it so everyone can see how many visits this blog has received.

Thanks everyone for making this such an awesome blog!


Don't Forget!

Tomorrow, June 9th, two awesome Warriors titles will be released! First, the final book in the Tigerstar and Sasha series, Return to the Clans manga will be the conclusion in Sasha's saga. In this manga we'll learn why Sasha decided to give her kits up, sending them to the safety of RiverClan. Did Tadpole, Sasha's third kit, die persuading the queen to give her kits to RiverClan? Or did something else happen? Anxious fans will soon find out.

And the second Warriors book will be none other than...Code of the Clans! Have you ever wondered why the Warrior Code is the way it is? This book will describe how the code came to be! It will also give readers a glimpse on why Tigerclaw burns with his deadly ambition.

I probably won't be able to get my paws on the books the day they come out, so let me know how they are!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chinese ThunderClan

I've found pictures of Chinese Warrior cats! I personally love how the Chinese portray the Warriors. Hopefully you do too! Without further delay, please let me introduce you to the Chinese Warriors of ThunderClan!!

Strong and Noble Leader of ThunderClan...The first cat on the left is none other than...Bluestar! She's very different from the Bluestar pictured on Bluestar's Prophecy! The Chinese have given her a soft-silvery coat, splotched with white and highlighted with black. The swirls above her eyes make her look very mystic.

Fire Alone Will Save Our Clan...Okay, I bet you all know who this next one is. Fireheart! His signature flame-colored has tabby markings. He looks pretty much the same as he did in the American Books.

If It Shares Fireheart's Blood, It'll Make a Good Warrior... This next one is hard to guess. Its...Graystripe! He looks very different from his American Counterpart! This Chinese Graystripe sports a blue-gray fluffy pelt with tabby markings and yellow eyes. White splotches decorate his fur as well.

So there you have it, Chinese ThunderClan!
Do the Chinese Warriors look different then you where expecting? Do you like their looks?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bluestar's Prophecy!

The time is looming ever closer for the second Super Edition, Bluestar's Prophecy, to be released. July 28th is when fans will finally be able to read this awesome book. (only a month away!!)

Have you noticed the little "Exclusive Manga Adventure Inside" button on the cover? This means that not only will Bluestar's Prophecy contain an glimpse of Bluestar's life, but it will also contain a manga! Cool! I wonder who its about? Perhaps it a Into the Wild manga? Who knows! That little button wasn't there before though. Hm...a last minute manga added?

I've seen a comment speculating that Leopardkit may turn out to be Leopardstar of RiverClan. ThunderClan and RiverClan do seem to have a habit of breaking the Warrior Code. (BluexOak, GrayxSilver...) And the two Clans seem to be friendlier with each other. So did Leopardkit grow up to be Leopardfur then leave for RiverClan? Possibly. We'll have to wait and find out. It would be an interesting twist if Leopardkit was Leopardstar, wouldn't it?

Are you looking foward to Bluestar's Prophecy? I am! Don't forget to check out the sneak peeks from Bluestar's Prophecy, available on my blog.

Check out this awesome picture! It portrays Bluestar perfectly!
Doesn't she look so regal and majestic?