Friday, April 2, 2010

New Poll!

Check out the new poll! The question is... "Who should be ShadowClan's next deputy?"
The choices are... Rowanclaw, Toadfoot, Tawnypelt, Tigerheart, Smokefoot or other? Cast your vote!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poll Results and Tour Dates!

Thank you everyone for your vote on the latest Sorrelpaw's Blog poll! The poll is closed and here are the results:

Q: Who should lead ThunderClan after Firestar?
**Brambleclaw** - 141 votes Winner!
Lionblaze - 79 votes
Cinderheart - 27 votes
Graystripe - 67 votes
Sandstorm - 26 votes
Squirrelflight - 13 votes
Other - 21 votes
Total Votes: 374

(Thank you Shadowflower, I did mean CinderHEART! Oops!!)
A new poll will be up soon! What are your thoughts on the results of this poll?

There's also a little treat for everyone - Vicky's going on tour again!! Here's the dates for her first leg of the tour!
Tour dates:
Monday, April 12th 7:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Little Shop of Stories
Decatur Recreation Center
231 Sycamore Street
Decatur, GA 30030

Tuesday, April 13th 5:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event at Lemuria Books
202 Banner Hall
4465 I-55 North
Jackson, MS 39206

Wednesday, April 14th 4:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event at Square Books
129 Courthouse Square
Oxford, MS 38655

Thursday, April 15th 6:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event at BookPeople
603 North Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78703

Friday, April 16th 5:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Blue Willow
Spring Forest Middle School
14240 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77079

Saturday, April 17th 2:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Barnes & Noble #2200
1201 Lake Woodlands Dr
The Woodlands, TX 77381

Sunday, April 18th TBD
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Bookworks
off-site location TBD

Tuesday, April 20th 7:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Changing Hands
possibly off-site, location TBD

Wednesday, April 21st 7:00 pm
In-store event with Barnes & Noble #2753
7881 Edinger Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Thursday, April 22nd 7:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Borders Northridge
9301 Tampa Ave.
Northridge, CA 91324

Friday, April 23rd 7:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Copperfield’s Santa Rosa
Monterey Village
2316 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Saturday, April 24th 2:00 pm
Reading/Q&A/Signing event with Books Inc.
Capuchino High School Auditorium
1501 Magnolia Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066


Fading Echoes is out! Spoilers!

Finally - Fading Echoes is out! Who's read it? Leave comments and theories here! For those of you who haven't been able to get your paws on Fading Echoes yet here's a short summery and interesting points of the book! An in depth summery + theories are coming soon!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The book begins with a troubling reveal - Breezepelt is helping the Dark Forest cats. Tigerstar persuades Breezepelt that he must take revenge against Crowfeather - because Crowfeather took a mate from another Clan. Tigerstar also says that there is another cat that must join them....the cat? Ivypaw.

Leopardstar dies early in the book of old age. Mistyfoot becomes the new leader of RiverClan.

Poppyfrost's kits are named: Molekit and Cherrykit.

Jayfeather tells Firestar that he, Lionblaze and Dovepaw are the Three. He also tells them he's not entirely sure what the Prophecy means. Firestar admitted that he thought the Three were Leafpool, Cloudtail and Squirrelflight.

Tragedy comes in Fading Echoes for StickxJay lovers. :( When Ivypaw steps on Jayfeather's stick by accident it gets thrown into the river. Jayfeather feels a twinge of pain when the stick falls into the river.

Dovepaw senses tree roots coming lose. A tree falls, trapping Longtail and Briarpaw underneath. Unfortunately Longtail dies and Briarpaw breaks her spine and can no longer feel her hind legs. Later, Briarpaw is made into a warrior despite her disability. Her siblings also become warriors. Their names are Briarlight, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall.

Progressing into the book, ThunderClan has trouble ShadowClan venturing into their territory. Ivypaw persuades Firestar to attack ShadowClan after Blackstar denies that his warriors have crossed the border. Firestar loses a life after Russetfur brutally attacks him. Lionblaze killed Russetfur but not in time to save Firestar from losing another life.

Did you like Fading Echoes?