Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Look

I've tweaked the blog a little... well quite a bit really. x3 Do you like the new look?



Icestar said...

I think the blue matches the header well

★Silverstar★ said...

I like it a lot, but I will miss the old look. LOL isn't it great, this is the first time in ages when we've both been on all day. ;)

~~Silverstar of StormClan

★Silverstar★ said...

We posted at the same time, Icestar! Creepy...

~~Silverstar of StormClan

Icestar said...

Ha Omg we mustve refreshed the page at the same time too thenXD

Sorrelpaw said...

Icestar - I love blue. <3 x3 Yes, I'm pretty happy that it matches, I quite like the current header.

Silverstar - I feel the same way, its kind of bittersweet. :D: Haha yeah!

Lolz you two posted within a minute of each other. XD

Icewind said...

i really like it. it looks nice. :)

★Silverstar★ said...

Sorry to disturb you Sorrelpaw, but I thought you'd like to see this...


Starry is about to lung: hiss and tear out her heart
6 Aug 10, 20:18
Starry is about to lunge: Silverstar's throat in a sec

Silverstar of StormClan: *Sighs* PLEASE, Stargaze, stop it.

Starry: *hisses* well ur advice doesnt work! it tqkes to ppl for talking out not one
Starry: and she absolutely refuses
Starry: *glares at her with hatred in her blue eyes and huirt that she catnt help but hate her kuz she doesnt understand*

Foreststar of HeartClan: sighs and sits down with her eyes close.

Starry: *hisses*

Foreststar of HeartClan: drama, it's so wierd whe n you don't have all the details,.

Starry: i would rather be yelled at then ignored by her! but noone understands! now i no how Leopardshadow felt

Silverstar of StormClan: Well, if she is arrogant and refuses to listen to peaceful debate, then just forget about her and move on with your life. That's the best way to handle things like this.

Foreststar of HeartClan: Openes her eyes and stares at the warrior and the leader, starry bristling.

Silverstar of StormClan: I know you're mad, but I've been in situations like this. Taking a second to cool down and think things through instead of being hateful to those not involved does wonders, trust me. :)

Foreststar of HeartClan: hey!! *Stands up* WHat happened to Leopardshadow?? Did you do something to her?? *Narrowes her eyes at Silverstar.

Starry: *hisses and jumps at silverstar and slices her belly open from her throat to her tail, blood bleeding her remaining lives out


I just thought you should see this... Stargaze has been being mean to me and to others and I don't even know what she's going on about. Sorry to disturb you, but this is getting out of hand. :(

~~Silverstar of StormClan

Icestar said...

Blue is awesome:)

★Silverstar★ said...
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★Silverstar★ said...
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♠Speed♠ said...

It's really cool!

★Silverstar★ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
★Silverstar★ said...

Butterflywing, Stargaze, Tornadosky, and Foreststar are all cussing, fighting, pretending to kill other people, and overall spamming the ChatBox. They are saying very inappropriate and vulgar things that are not worth repeating. I'm not even going to look at their 'discussion' anymore, because they all obviously have anger management problems. Once again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but something has to be done.

(Oh, and sorry for the deleted comments, my comments are posting multiple times.)

~~Silverstar of StormClan

♥Warriors101/Mistypebble/Eaglenight♥ said...

Argh, I know. I am friends with a few of them but I hate cursing. :(

♪Goldenstream♫ said...

Silverstar, were you WATCHING us argue?!?!?!? :-o if so, well.....*creepy feeling*

By the way Star and those others are, like w101 said, my friends but I don`t cuss. Believe me I`ve tried 30000 times for them to stop. Besides,"Butterflywing" told us a bunch of swears and how we should, um, who-knows-what. So YES we had a mishap but I don`t really feel happy you felt like it was your buisness to go ahead and tell anyone about it. Sorry if I sound mean. (SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY) I hope nobody think`s I`m a cruel person or anything :(. And I love the makeover! Blue`s my fave color ;)


★Silverstar★ said...

Um, Goldenstream, I don't think you know the whole story. They were cussing and pretending to kill ME. I was involved in it. I asked Stargaze and Tornadosky to please take their fight elsewhere because this is a 'G' rated blog, and they started being extremely mean. I left for a while and when I came back, they were being mean to my friend Dreamstar too, so that's why I reported them. LOL I'm not some creepy stalker, I'm a follower and commenter on this blog, and I WAS involved in it.

~~Silverstar of StormClan

Sorrelpaw said...

Icewind - Thank you! (:

Silverstar - Thank you, Starry has been blocked from the Cbox for two weeks for language and impersonating me on the Cbox. Foreststar has also been blocked for a week for language. I couldn't find Butterflywing on the Cbox so I was unable to block. Thank you very much for observing and giving me the names. To prevent this happening again, I can make you a mod of the Cbox, if you would like. (:

Icestar - <3 Blue is so cool.

Speed - Thanks!

Selena Gomez said...

I love the new background! And I'm glad you're back, I kinda thought you dropped out of the forest-land! That wouldn't be good, now would it? I will miss the old look, but this one is good! No complaints! Although, when I first opened the page I thought I went to the wrong blog before I scrolled around a bit :P


Stargaze said...


♪Goldenstream♫ said...

LOL I understand now Silverstar. :) I probably would`ve done the same and reported them, except some of them are my friends.


Stargaze said...


☪Dreamstar said...

Ya, Stargaze, read WHY you've been banned. Sorrelpaw said it in one of her comments, a few above yours...

MadiShae said...

Omigosh, I hope this doesn't come out rude, but I REALLY like the old one MUCH better.


Icestar said...

Sorrelpaw yes it is!:D Blue is

❀Dawnblaze❀ said...

Yeah, I'm okay with either of the looks.

Sorrelpaw, I think two weeks is actually too short for Stargaze. When she comes back, there's a chance she might be more.... yesh. O.o

I'm insane. :P

kind of
(:'( )


Lilacspots said...

I like it alot, its really cute and stuff, but I'm gonna miss the old one cause I was so used to it!!!!

★Silverstar★ said...

Sorrelpaw - No problem. :)

Really? A mod on the ChatBox? What an honor! But... I don't really know how that works, so you'd have to tell me. See, I can't get a ChatBox of my own for security reasons, so...

~~Silverstar of StormClan

Sorrelpaw said...

[Rawr] Kitty - (: Thank you! I'm glad to be back! No-- that would be pretty bad! Yeah... I will miss the old look a lot. :( But this new one looks better, you can see things better. XD Haha I did that the next day. I clicked on my blog and was like ... wut? Oh yeah. xD

Stargaze - Yes, you have been banned from the cbox for language. There are some younger kids on here that come on, and I would prefer keeping the cbox clean and friendly. You are most welcome to return to the cbox after two weeks, provided you stop cussing and you do not argue on the cbox. (:

Scarheart - You think so? What did you like about the old one better?

Icestar - *nod* *nod* I totally agree. 8D

Dawnblaze - If Stargaze continues cussing she will be banned for a longer amount of time.

Ah yes, I'm quite insane as well - and I enjoy every minute of it. <3

Lilacspots - I loved the old one, but I think it was time for a change. This current one will probably stay up for a year. x3 It show cases the polls and stuff better.

Silverstar - I would email you my username and password for the cbox site, once logged in you can see the ip address of everyone who's posted. You select the offensive message (or any message by that offensive person) and click ban. Thats it. (: You can also delete the offensive posts. Would you be up to that? :3

♪Goldenstream♫ said...

Sorrelpaw, your order is ready! :)


appledapple said...

Heyyy sorrelllpawww UR BLOGS AWESUMMMM <3 omg it's like 4 in the mornin aredy lol anwayyyy yeaa UR AWESUMMM ughh srry I'm feelin wierd rite noww kk nite nitee LUVVV UUU AND UR AWESUMMM BLOG THINGY!!

Butterflies said...

OMG! I was at the author chat! Go here to see the exclusive spoilers:

Please comment! Please!

Ryan said...

am i the only one who found skyclans destiny dissapointing

Lilacspots said...

When does the next warriors book come out?? Its gettin on my nerves on how long its takin!

Anonymous said...

Lurve the new look!

Flamestar said...

um I <3 the new look u dont know me sorrelpaw but i was ummm u kno wondering if u umm wanted to follow my blog it is a lot like your but i hope u take that as admiration and not copying ummmm Silverstar or stormclan if u remember Cherrystar she is mad at u for being mean to her and telling her she shud quit blogger Ummmm yeah she asked me to day that i went on your blog before i had to be invited it was AWESOME i was wondering if you cud invite me because i would love to see the changes you may have made i prob got Better and maybe you could follow mine


scarstar said...

i like it

Snowdrop said...

I am new to this, and OMSC, Sorrelpaw it is sooooo good!!! Keep writing! I think this is awesome, I will look at this anytime I come online! Oh, can you look at my fan fic? It's at

Snowdrop said...

Also, how did you get the blog like that? I have a few blogs of my own and I don't know how to make it like that. Like where did you get that background? Can you tell me pleaaase? Oh, and do you people have Warrior forum accounts?

Spottedshadow said...

Hey Sorrelpaw!
My name is Spottedshadow!
I really love your blog, it has to be my favourite one ever!! :D
Can you please come and check out my blog?
Just follow this link:

I'd be so glad if you did, thanks!
Oh yeah, I love the new look, especially the header! :D

Tellez Family said...
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Camila/Dawncloud said...

Hi Sorrelpaw! I hope you are reading this. I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people are following at this blog, and a lot of people would like you to blog more often. It is your responsibility, and you should be committed to blogging....
I really like the makeover!


Jayfeather314 said...

OMG hardly anyone goes on here anymore but thats alright i will keep posting