Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poll Results!

Poll results are in... and here they are!

Question: What is your favorite Warriors series?
Warriors: Original Series - 113 votes WINNER
New Prophecy - 29 votes
Power of Three - 41 votes
Omen of the Stars - 81 votes
Warriors: Manga Series - 7 votes
Other - 3 votes

Total votes: 274

It looks like it was pretty close with the Original Series and Omen of the stars! Thanks for voting! Do you have any suggestions for the next poll? Post 'em here!


♪Goldenstream♫ said...

Personally, I think OOTS will be the most awesomest series. But everyone has different opinions. :)
BTW good to see you`re back!


Tornadosky/star said...

I think you should do a poll on what cat is the evilest.

Stargaze said...

Who do you think Thornclaw's mate will be XD?

1. Hazeltail
2. Rosepetal
7. Other (I cant think of anymore cats but when i used this pole 1 person voted on the "other" option but never commented on who it was so put it just in case!! XD

And in the next post...could u say visit this blog and advertise this....... person who commetned abovce me is the leader and im the dep bu tim run the blog....ewrite the posts ect...just wondering if u could id apprecite it allot and itd be great for lightningclan plz sorrepaw and if u could follow the blog to plz!!! thank you.....

Stargaze of LightningClan

★Silverstar★ said...

Well, em, Thornclaw's mate can't be Cinderheart, because she is his niece (Brackenfur is Thornclaw's brother). I think all of those she-cats are WAY too young for him. But I wonder... Daisy is probably looking for a new mate, so maybe Thornclaw and Daisy would be the perfect couple! :)

~~Silverstar of StormClan

Stargaze said...
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Stargaze said...
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♣Delaney/Fayte♣ said...

Join my clan!


Oh, and i think one would be "Who Do Think is on the cover of the sign of the Moon?"

I dont think it's stoneteller though, cuz he has blue eyes in cats of the clans.

And i voted for POT! That was the best!

Butterflies said...

Could you please visit my blog? :)

I just made it!

Thanks, I think there should be a poll on Dovepaw's and Ivypaw's warrior names.

★Silverstar★ said...
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Anonymous said...

I HATED THE FIRST WARRIORS SERISE! It wasn't terrible but i HATE Firestar, he is such a goody-two-shoes! and all he did through the whole book was worry! I wish Firestar would just die already! He's boring and i think we all know that it's time for Lionblaze's talents to be apreciated and for him to become deputy and maye even some day leader! :) I love Lionblaze!

Jayfeather314 said...

@ warrior cat lover
i kind of agree with you i LOVE lionblaze but i dont really want firestar to die maybe he could retire with sandstorm because they are way to old

Jayfeather314 said...

i think OOTS should of one they are so cool but i guess everyone has different taste

Lee A. Smith said...
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