Thursday, January 20, 2011


To all my wonderful, wonderful readers,

Oh my StarClan. Has it really been THAT long since I last posted? I would like to say, I am sincerely sorry for my lack of new posts. D: Its been hard for me to get online, but honestly that's no excuse. I'm so so sorry to all my readers! Thank you for continuing to check out the blog in my absence!

I was actually considering shutting down the blog, because I hate to cause confusion with my absence. But I have decided AGAINST closing it. Sorrelpaw's Blog will remain open. :D I can't let you guys down after blogging for so long, right?

I will continue to do my best to bring you guys all the latest Warriors news, rumors, theories and other Warriors related awesomeness. :)

I am, however, am considering bringing on some writers for my blog. People who could post should I ever go absent again. (which, with life being as crazy as it is now... xD) Also those people could also type up some epic articles and theories for you guys to read as well. :)

I'm in no rush to bring on extra writers, and may even decide not to in the end. Its still just a thought, but if you interested, leave a comment!

Thanks again guys, for continuing to read. I felt so touched when I saw people where still commenting and chatting, even after my loooooooongggg absence!


★Sylvine★ said...

LOL hey, don't feel bad, I've left for months at a time too. I understand having other priorities. ;)

If you'd like to make me an author, I'd be honored. It's up to you, of course, I just never got around to opening my own theory blog, and I have a few ideas I'd like to share with the public, if you'd let me.

Long live Sorrelpaw's Blog! :D

~~Sylvine (formerly Silverstar)

Spottedshadow said...

Hey Sorrelpaw,
don't feel bad, you don't have to apologize for leaving. It's not your fault that you have other things you have to do.

I'm also letting you know that if you appoint other writers, I would LOVE to be one of them! ^.^
Of course there are probably tons of other better choices though. :)

Don't ever shut down your blog, it's awesome! Keep posting! :D

Snowdrop said...

Lawl, it's okay. I have a couple of my own blogs,and I haven't written on them for like a year!
I'd be quite interested in writing for your blog. I am a writer. Well actually I am a story writer, but a writer all the same.
Could you please look at my Warriors fan fic? It's at:
Sorrelpaw, your blog is really awesome. I was hoping you could help me with some of the formatting on mine.
I REALLY love your blog, I go on it every day!

*Shadowflower* said...

Welcome back! I'm very glad that this blog is up and running again.


Jayfeather314 said...

yes welcome back its hard to run a blog and live a life at the same time there hasnt been much ppl here lately so i am glad u r back:)

Camila/Dawncloud said...

Hey Sorrelpaw,
You know, I am sorry about my post from before. Life does get crazy sometimes, but blogging for me is an important part of my life.

I am thrilled you have decided against closing the blog!
I would be completely and totally honored if you chose me as a writer. Writing is a passion that I have followed my whole life, and I hope to one day have book published.


Lilytail said...

You're back!Don't fell bad I miss months on mine all the time.Hope you get new things to post!


Palesparrow said...

I would offer to write, but I'm already tied down with my two blogs. They're not big, but I try to get on them a lot.

Jayfeather314 said...

yay more ppl are here i am REALLY glad everyone is back!

Anonymous said...

Don't you post more often?! I've been checking up every day since I heard about this, and there hasn't been a single post! Sorry, but I think I post on my blog way too often. Want to check it out?
I need more readers.

Jayfeather314 said...

hi i could visit your blog if you want hawktalon1 i have my own blog but no one has been on it i try to go on this every day so expect me to post a lot of post

Jayfeather314 said...

posts (sorry!)

Jayfeather314 said...

yay i like your blog hawktalon1 it is cool

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